Our Curriculum

The Yellow Door Nursery is a fresh approach to childcare, by focusing our provision in a child centred approach rather than an adult approach. Our curriculum is directed by the children’s interests and experiences- giving our children the confidence and skills to explore, follow their own ideas, test their own theories and branch out in confidence ready for the next steps in their own journey of education.


We respect and value childhood at The Yellow Door Tameside. Our pedagogy is built on a passion for the wonder and magic of early childhood. We believe children have the right to be collaborators in their learning- they have the right to learn and develop at their own pace in an environment that is both stimulating and exciting, and this is exactly what we do at The Yellow Door Nursery Godley Hyde.

  • The Yellow Door Educators are skilful in providing exciting child-led provocations
  • We explore and share diverse pedagogical practices and experiences.
  • Our team are intrinsically motivated to develop their own learning and skills, which in turn benefits the children within their care.
  • Children at the Yellow Door Day nursery recognise their responsibilities as active community members, raising funds for the Yellow Door nominated charities.

We are heavily influenced by the Reggio approach, a branch of early years education and thought originating from the northern town of Reggio Emilia.

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