Our Children

Our children continue to surprise, amaze and humble us every day…

We seek to teach children to resolve their own conflicts. We work in partnership with parents to best support children’s learning as we believe that this helps all children succeed. We believe in children as active constructors of knowledge, working in partnership with educators to move learning forwards. Our curriculum is child-led and challenging, allowing children to spend extended amounts of time within a project or area of interest.

This is what true early years learning should look like…it shouldn’t be restricted, children should be in the ‘driving seat’ exploring and empowering. This is what our curriculum is based around- A child initiated play based program which stimulates children’s learning, exploration and social connections.
We welcome and value all children at The Yellow Door, irrespective of their ability, religion, race, gender or cultural heritage, and encourage them all to fulfil their potential physically, mentally, academically and socially.