At The Yellow Door Day nursery we specialise in creating moments, experiences and spaces for our children to connect with the natural environment. We believe nature and sustainability teaches interconnectedness, and a child’s sense that they are part of and dependent on something greater than themselves.

Embedded in our services are sustainable and environmentally focused concepts such as:


Connecting with Nature

Our centre has a nature cam, children can witness the nocturnal inhabitants of our garden, giving great opportunity for conversation and learning.

Compost Bins

At The Yellow Door, one of the most important sustainable practices we teach the children is how to minimise or re use waste. Composting is embedded in our program, as well as taking as much as you need. Children learn to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Community Gardens

A variety of vegetables and herbs are grown and are available for families to enjoy and take home. Children are involved in the planting process and harvest the vegetables, which are then cooked in our kitchen and enjoyed in daily meals. Children begin to understand the value of food from farm to fork.

Natural Play Spaces

Throughout the yellow door day nursery many natural elements are incorporated into the play spaces. We think nothing of reclaiming a log and creating our very own pirate ship! Natural elements that can be found in our reggio nursery range from upcycled timber furniture and recycled tree logs, right through to wooden number tree slices and pine cones being utilised in imaginary play.