Our in house cook provides a nutritionally balanced menu prepared on our premises each day. We love the aromas coming from the kitchen- Italy on a Monday, Morocco on a Tuesday- the world is our oyster…

Children at The Yellow Door Day Nursery are provided with breakfast, brunch, lunch, wake up snack and tea. We operate a ‘grazing’ style menu with food/snack served every two hours so no one goes hungry!


Healthy, Fresh & Local

  • Whenever possible we are mindful to consider air miles when purchasing our fresh fruit and produce, preferring to support local suppliers
  • We serve only fairtrade bananas. We will always opt for fairtrade items to support our menu.
  • As part of our commitment to become more sustainable we offer a pescatarian menu
  • All meals follow a menu supported by Tameside Gold standard and are prepared fresh on the premises by experienced cooks.
  • All rooms have access to fresh fruit bowls available for all children and families upon entry and exit to encourage healthy eating.
  • To increase the nutritional benefits, we reduce the amount of white carbohydrates and sugar given to the children. We use a lot of brown rice, wholemeal flour, wholemeal noodles and brown.
  • We carefully plan our menus to suit dietary needs
  • Water is always available and offered throughout the day
  • During various cultural celebrations children have opportunities to help cook special meals for the day. For example, pancakes on Pancake Tuesday.

The Yellow Door provides a nutritionally balanced seasonal menu that changes every week. An example of a days menu for Yellow Door  children is:

  • Breakfast: Healthy Cereals and Toast. Water and milk
  • Brunch: Fruit platter, crispbread/malt loaf/crackers served with milk/water
  • Lunch: Traybakes, Pasta Dishes, Curries
  • Afternoon Tea: Fruit, crackers served with milk and water
  • Tea: Dahls/cheese on toast/jacket potatoes