Busy days spent collecting rainwater for the garden, making a home for insects and bees, growing vegetables… are all typical activities at The Yellow Door Day Nursery.


Sustainability is built into our ethos, we are paperless and make every effort to avoid plastic toys/single use plastic. We are committed to reducing landfill waste and warmly welcome parents who have chosen reusable nappies. Our staff wear sustainably produced uniforms…

All these little things help us to model and support children as they develop a relationship and respect for the environment and the area in which they live.

As a Reggio inspired setting we view the nursery environment as the second teacher- it is our belief that the child absorbs their environment and it shapes the way in which they think and react.

Our nursery is beautifully designed and often provokes Visitors to The Yellow Door to comment on, ‘the nice feel’, and the calm purposeful environment.


Design of The Yellow Door has been painstakingly thought out with children at the forefront of the design project –

Neutral colours, natural materials, cosy places for children to sit and look at books in natural soft lighting. A strong emphasis on the natural world is a big part of our environment – we take every opportunity to create a home from home learning environment, not a watered down version of school. Bright colors, painted windows and rooms crammed with walls full of displays, laminated sheets and number lines will never be found at The Yellow Door. Our environment is skillfully maintained and presented to provide excellent learning opportunities.