Our Background

Our background is in education and in the strong belief that everyone can achieve. The Yellow Door Nursery is a unique nursery built and designed around the empowering Reggio Emilia approach. Our approach is refreshingly different from other nurseries, we listen to the 100 languages of the child- whether that is working with clay, discovering woodworking tools, taking pleasure in paint, exploring various printing techniques or expanding their ways of storytelling.


In Reggio there is no predetermined curriculum, instead the educational experience is trusted to the image of the child- rich in potential, strong, powerful and competent.

Here at the Yellow Door Nursery Tameside we encourage children to develop their own theories and work with their educators to explore and collaborate. We support children as they bring together their ideas, theories and finding.

To create this powerful and enabling approach  importance is placed on relationships, the surrounding environment and ‘time’. That is why at our nursery the children develop meaningful, purposeful and caring relationships with their key worker and all the staff that they work with.

We never step away from our belief that a child’s learning should be child centred and child driven- this is what we pride ourselves in.

Our nursery belongs to our children…