Sunflower Room (Pre-School)

The Sunflower Room is our dedicated pre-school learning environment. Children can weigh, measure and fill in our designated wet play area. Loose parts and natural building materials are readily available for young learners to build and plan with, giving their experiences and play real meaning…

The Atelier space is a beautiful area of the pre-school room where children can express themselves through multiple mediums with different tools and materials creating playful, inquisitive, independent work for the children.

Working in pairs, groups or individually- opting for a true child led activity. This is when children can really explore the qualities of materials and all the possibilities, coming up with many incredible ideas.

The top floor of the nursery is dedicated to our pre-school group. Led by three qualified practitioners, children receive a higher adult to child ratio. This adult interaction is the cornerstone of success in our pre-school room. Children follow an enriched curriculum which follows their interest in true Reggio style.